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The Story of a Little Redhaired Girl

Here’s my album, I used one that came free w/a magazine.

This is the first page, written in Finnish. It says : The story of a little redhaired girl.

The story begins here.
“Once upon a time there was a little redhaired girl. That girl wanted to be a flowershop keeper” (sorry, don’t know better word for it)

She went often to a flowershop (with her mom) to admire the fresh flowers, beautiful ornaments and most of all, the colorful ribbons used for flower tieing (sorry, no better word for that).

Every once in a while she got short strips of those ribbons for herself. one might see them as nothing, but for the little redhaired girl they were treasures.

Time went by and the little redhaired girl grew up. Dreams of her own flower shop faded, but still the redhaired girl finds happines out of lifes little wonders.


Raisa K.

Nanny's cards

one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up was a card seller. The page explains it all – it was due to my beloved Nanny.
Details are on my blog if you would like to read them
Scrapdolly’s blog
Shimelle I have to say i am loving the journey this book is taking me on. I really am

There Once Was a Little Girl ...

I used an accordian mini book for my children’s story. I started each page with “There once was” and then computer-journaled each part of the story (highlighting the words that rhymed).


Pages 1-4

Pages 5-9

3-D view

-Linda D.

....and on the back

I needed to hide the brads that fasten the photo turns inside so I thought that I would add a couple of Prima flowers on the back of the book….and the flowers took over!
Does anyone else out there have stash with a will of its own?
(sorry for hogging, will let someone else have a go now)

handkerchief sachet

Does anyone else remember these? Embroidered handkerchiefs in a pretty box or sachet were a “grown up” gift for little girls when I was young. My story is printed onto fine computer printable cotton, folded small and tucked into its own sachet.

book open

Here’s the inside of my book waiting to be filled

memory maze

This is where I am going to list my memory joggers. Its a maze book cut from a 6×6 sheet of Basic Grey paper decorated with a Prima flower and tied with narrow ribbon. It is held in the book by two pastel colored photo turns

book front

Here’s the book closed. The chipboard stickers are from DCWV, their Once Upon a Time range….did they know that Shimelle would be running this class I wonder…

the outside of my book

I decide to make a book that that little girl would enjoy. She loved origami so I made a crush book out of two sheets of 6×6 Basic Grey paper. The design is chinzy material overlaid with bits of paper dressmaker’s pattern, very appropriate!

Stash for my book!

This is a picture of all my stash ready to start my book, and some scanned photos of me when i was little, gotta go and get started, hope everyone else is having fun!

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