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A Blank Canvas

I decided to start fromt he beginning – when I was – but before I had any thoughts I remember so to speak.

This is one of a double page but I don’t know how to add more than one image!

The other page and the details are on my blog

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2nd Try!

Sorry, some of the photos did not upload correctly – hre is my second try at uploading my story book!



Go Me!

Warning: Long Entry!

I signed up for this new class very excited to be trying something new but I still had the Christmas journal “hanging over my head” from Shimelle’s class in December! I had decided to make it easy (:-)) for myself by making the journal into a whole scrapbook album and using 12×12 pages – a total of 37 plus cover. You can imagine that this was taking me a bit of time. So I decided that I was not “allowed” to start working on this class until I finished my album. And guess what??? Last week I did just that – all 38 pages are now complete and ready to be placed into an album. I have to admit to taking a lot of inspiration from Shimelle’s prompts and even page titles but I am still pleased with it. I made every page a different design, colour scheme etc as I am relatively new at scrapbooking and wanted to play a bit – some pages have of course turned out nicer than others! But I am so pleased with the result and I had so fun trying out different styles and new techniques and I get a real sense of satisfaction from it when I look at it. Thanks Shimelle!

You can see my proud pile of pages here and I have also set up an album at my blog (http://lisahausmann.blogspot.com/).

Of course, after completing this, I was just itching to start at the “When I grow up” prompts that were sitting waiting for me. When I saw that I should write a storybook, I was a little worried and wondered if this was really something I could do, as I am not really as creative as I would like to be. I liked the idea of using photos as the heads of dolls but it would have taken me SO long to do that, so I just cheated and found photos where I could relatively easily cut out the whole figure. This was so much fun for me as I have never done anything like it before. Once I had the writing done, it really came together much quicker than I would have thought even though I seem to spend so long just looking at the product and wondering how to put it all together! I kept the embellishments to a minimum because the book had come in its own chipboard box, but even so, it ended up too thick to fit. But that is OK because now I have a box that I can use for something else in the future and my mini-book will be out in the open.

I am as pleased as punch that I got this done as I am the eternal procrastinator! And I am just tickled pink with the result! Once again, Thanks Shimelle!

! http://writtendown.com/images/2588.jpg!

! http://writtendown.com/images/2591.jpg!
! http://writtendown.com/images/2592.jpg!
! http://writtendown.com/images/2593.jpg!
! http://writtendown.com/images/2594.jpg!
! http://writtendown.com/images/2595.jpg!

Hope you like it and TFL. Wishing you all a lovely day!


When I Grow up cover

Hi Shimelle, doing as requested. I have my cardstock,
patterned paper, ribbons, pens, stickers, stamps, photos
and lots of stories. Now I only have to put them together
and I’ll have an album to treasure.

Donna B.

My story book...

I’m taking up Shimelle’s challenge to post a pic here!

So here are the front and back covers to my story book.

We lived happily ever after!

The rest of the book can be seen on my blog at: littlemissscrapper

Helsbells xx

When Dolly Grows Up

Scrapdolly here – I made the cover for my book and I am not sure I got it right in that it is not very childlike, but i like it.
I wrote quite a bit of my story already as notes to work from and the story – or a part of it – is on my blog under the mini books section in the categories. I was pleased that I wrote all this down – it was wonderful reminiscing like that. I am now really looking forward to starting to compile my book.
Scrapdolly’s blog

The {un}likely Ballerina

Here is my complete story book. I had totally forgotten about this dream of mine until I started working on the prompts. Briefly the story talks about how I wanted to be a ballerina and dance in Swan lake, but that when I started taking modern dance classes I realsied I wasn’t that good at it. So I stuck to my local music instead. It was fun doing this book!


First spread

Second Spread

Third Spread

Fourth Spread

Fifth Spread

When I Grow Up...

Once there was a little girl who wanted to be an astronaut…

She studied and stared at the stars and knew the rings of Saturn.

And that was all she wanted.


I have to Confess Class

Just a link
http://jennies-jottings.blogspot.com/ –
I completed my little project. Thanks Shimelle.



And I’m done!! Finished. This is it! My journal is complete!!

You can see the finished journal on my blog, including the last page and all the other pages:


Thanks for looking :)

I have soooo enjoyed this class :)

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