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what is it, exactly? :: 7009 days ago

written down challenges you to dig deep and pull from your creative roots. pull art in the form of sketches, doodles, paintings, collage and assemblage. pull words in the form of lists, letters, prose and dialogue. written down is about getting your introspection out of your head and onto paper, like circuit training for your inner artist.

at the moment, all the hub-bub is about the art journal challenge. hundreds of artists have committed to keep an art journal for twenty weeks and share the results here. each week they receive prompts for topics to explore and techniques to try, along with randomSPARKS to keep them aware of the intricacies of their own environment.

online collaborative classes are at the centre of written down’s work. the art journal challenge is the first class to put participants’ work on show to the world. smaller classes are maintained on closed community groups where only those involved can see the projects created, and some have sampler galleries on shimelle.com. our first class, guide words, is now available in book form for your own studio.

there is more to come throughout 2005: more classes, books and products, all to encourage caffeine-fueled creativity.

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