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article: written down: aRt jOurnal mIssion stAtement

article: written down: aRt jOurnal mIssion stAtement

aRt jOurnal mIssion stAtement

so here’s my first entry in my aRt Journal. i’m soooo excited about this. i have written in “traditional” Journals for years and also keep a cReative journal which is a cOllection of magazine cLIPPINGS AND source of inspiration for my scRapbooking prOjects. This Journal is a whole new ballgame for me. This first entry is kinda like my Mission statement for this journal. my writing is erratic so to save you from squinting the journaling reads: “i am drawn to EXPRESSING myself through WORDS,art,collage and cOlor and i am often torn between a graphic/linear style and ERRATIC collage. i am seArching for BALANCE and hope to s t r e t c h myself and eXplore the many facets of the aRtist in me… i am a self-proclaimed PERFECTIONIST and i hope to let go of that SILLY notion as i SPILL myself on these pages in the coming weeks. I am also on a QUEST to reconcile the many facets of my life and find some kind of BALANCE in my busy and hectic life. Lately I’ve been feeling like a pen running out of ink in mid-sentence or like an unfinished journal-entry because of my responsibilities at work and at home. I am TORN apart at the edges and FALLING apart at the seams. i don’t have enough ENERGY nor TIME to do the thing that i love most which is ART. I HOPE this journal will prove to be therapeutic for me to help me release some of that CREATIVE eNergy i so desparately wish to EXPRESS. let yourself grow into the ARTIST you have always been….”

  1. Lynz Says:
    I can’t believe how much this entry is like my own musings on the subject!! Balance seems to be playing a major role in that, too. Love it.
  2. Michelle Says:

    Not able to logon yet, but I can comment and appreciate your work – this is great.

    Controversially, after undergoing some introspection over my own imbalances – I’m now trying to celebrate them. Like you, I’m a thousand points apart in style – flowing from linear and graphical formats to hedonistic collage -both traditionally and in digital. My journal is going to celebrate the controversy and clash!

    Really like your journaling.
  3. pamMc Says:

    I think as women of today, we have so many responsibilities with work, home, family, friends, outside committments that we can’t help but be feeling overwhelmed. The perfectionism trap only makes that close to unbearable.

    appreciate the way you have expressed it
  4. Alison Says:
    Love the idea of a mission statement and yours has certainly given me food for thought.
  5. Kristi Says:
    Rockin, my friend. Fabulous job!
  6. Rosemary Says:
    I love how you incorporated all of those key words graphically!
  7. Gretchen Says:
    This is incredible. Wow! Very inspiring… love the colors and how you altered the photo.
  8. Florence Says:
    The idea of a mission statement is sooooo great! Wonderful
  9. Kristin Says:
    I’m starting to recognize your style from reading your blog. Love your entry here!
  10. tia Says:
    i absolutely love how you are exploring….love the womans face and the linear vs erratic…good for you angi!!
  11. Kel eh Says:
    So striking and I too feel the need to almost take stock and define what I am doing here before launching into it.
  12. Judi A Says:
    This is so energetic and your journalling is so meaningful.
  13. sydonie Says:
    This is really very cool. So creative. Awesome journaling as well.


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