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aRt jOurnal mIssion stAtement

so here’s my first entry in my aRt Journal. i’m soooo excited about this. i have written in “traditional” Journals for years and also keep a cReative journal which is a cOllection of magazine cLIPPINGS AND source of inspiration for my scRapbooking prOjects. This Journal is a whole new ballgame for me. This first entry is kinda like my Mission statement for this journal. my writing is erratic so to save you from squinting the journaling reads: “i am drawn to EXPRESSING myself through WORDS,art,collage and cOlor and i am often torn between a graphic/linear style and ERRATIC collage. i am seArching for BALANCE and hope to s t r e t c h myself and eXplore the many facets of the aRtist in me… i am a self-proclaimed PERFECTIONIST and i hope to let go of that SILLY notion as i SPILL myself on these pages in the coming weeks. I am also on a QUEST to reconcile the many facets of my life and find some kind of BALANCE in my busy and hectic life. Lately I’ve been feeling like a pen running out of ink in mid-sentence or like an unfinished journal-entry because of my responsibilities at work and at home. I am TORN apart at the edges and FALLING apart at the seams. i don’t have enough ENERGY nor TIME to do the thing that i love most which is ART. I HOPE this journal will prove to be therapeutic for me to help me release some of that CREATIVE eNergy i so desparately wish to EXPRESS. let yourself grow into the ARTIST you have always been….”