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article: written down: box filled with stories

article: written down: box filled with stories

box filled with stories

This is my project, a mix of the storybook and my memories- I was inspired by the all the projects and the idea of a butterfly speaks to me.. I had a empty lunchbox on my shelves, I want to do something special with this box and this has to be the special project.

When I work on a minibook or a project I like to make a concept for page one and than duplicate that for the other pages. I made a decision what kind of colors I have to use for this and a few embellishments, ofcourse I needed to use many butterflies..

During the proces of thinking and creating I have noticed that the memories popping up in my mind, I can adjust a new page anytime in this box, maybe it becomes a never ending story..

Thanks for the inspiration Shimelle and the other designers!


9 Comments for box filled with stories

  1. jen Says:

    Absolutely love this! How original and creative! You did a fabulous job.

  2. Marcia Says:

    omgoodness. This is so sweet, so cute. LOVE it! What a great idea.

  3. Alissa Fast Says:

    i love this! love the butterflies! very creative!


  4. Natty Says:

    Wow Nita, totally gorgeous – I love your stash choices (especially the KI loveliness hehe) and the butterflies – just perfect!

    I think you can definitely assume the perfect project has the perfect home now. :o)

  5. Lisa Says:

    Fabulous – very inspiring! I must have to get off my proverbial and do this project! Well done – really great

  6. Lietje Says:

    Even before i saw your name i knew it was “a” Nita ;)
    Would love to see it in real.

  7. angi b Says:

    wow . this is the coolest concept. truly lovely…

  8. Elaine Says:

    ok, so are these random memories that you’ve been hanging onto? Or do they have a theme? from how long ago? Childhood?

    Just curious. I LOVE this idea! You lunchbox is adorable as well!

    Excellent work!

  9. gclub Says:

    you have a lot of stories, good for you. and thanks for sharing
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